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St. Peter’s Wednesday Evening Bible Study/Prayer Group

The Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer Group meets each Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. in the Rectory room adjacent to Father’s Office.  This group is both a Bible Study Group & a Prayer Group since both aspects are very important to all of the current members.  We have existed for many years and continue to always be open to any new people who wish to join us.  No special Bible Knowledge or special prayer knowledge is required.  Simply come with a willing heart that is open to the Lord. Our meeting follows a simple format where we open with song & a simple spontaneous prayer.  After this we follow the order & readings in the Missal for the upcoming Sunday’s Mass.  As each scripture reading is read aloud, we discuss the reading thoroughly bringing up questions or items we might not understand or we may discuss how this particular reading pertains and fits in with other scriptures we are familiar with.  All questions and comments are valid & we always respect each person’s understanding and comments. After approximately an hour of scripture discussion we proceed with the prayer portion of our meeting which generally lasts about a half an hour.  During this time prayer concerns are raised that each of us has become aware of through others.  At the end of the prayer concerns we usually close this portion with several spontaneous prayers for the concerns shared.  It is important to say that whatever is shared in a Bible Study & Prayer Meeting stays there & is not discussed outside of Wednesday evening.  What is shared there stays there.  Occasionally, the group is led by the Holy Spirit to “Junk the Agenda” because someone is dealing with something significant & it requires special treatment & love & caring.  In those cases, we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and proceed as He directs us.  Please consider joining us Wednesday Evenings when you are available and feel led to join us. We would enjoy your company and what you have to add to our group.  Thank You for listening to us.



Who:                     Anyone with a willing heart that is open to the Lord.

What:                   St Peter’s Bible Study/Prayer Group

Where:                St Peter’s Rectory Back Room adjacent to Father’s Office

When:                  Wednesday Evening at 6:30 p.m. (If a Holy Day Mass falls on this evening,
                               most times we meet after the Mass if it is not too late for a shortened time period.)

                                Bible Study Portion: approximately 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

                                Prayer Portion: approximately 7:30 to 8:00 p.m.

                                If a person desires to attend one portion only, that is their option as well.

How:                     Please bring any Scripture version you desire although it is not required since the Missal is used                primarily.

Contact:               Call Bob Biegen at 877-2518 if you have any questions.

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